3 reasons to visit Hello, Robot.

V&A Dundee‘s latest blockbuster exhibit, ‘Hello, Robot. Design between Human and Machine.‘ is one of the most exciting things to hit the City of Discovery this year. The exhibition explores the fascinating world of robots and how they’re changing the world we live in. From traffic robots in Kinshasa to the robots in pop culture we all know and love, everyone will find something that interests them at this dynamic exhibit.

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It’s fun for everyone

Credit: Michael McGurk

‘Hello, Robot. Design between Human and Machine’ might seem like it’s an exhibit for technology lovers – and it is – but it’s also great for fashionistas, film buffs and politics enthusiasts. The exhibition explores the development of robotics in all aspects of our life and even features videos of Barack Obama and other world leaders speaking about the influence and evolution of artificial intelligence and robotics. Did you know that they use huge, human-like traffic robots in Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo to control heavy traffic flow? You’ll find out other surprising places robots are used at the exhibition.

It features R2-D2

Credit: © Lucasfilm Ltd. & TM. All Rights

Love Star Wars? Star Wars fans across the country are flocking to the exhibit to see the iconic droid R2-D2 in all its original glory. The movie prop that was used by George Lucas in 1977 features in the exhibit and is one of the most hotly anticipated arrivals in Dundee this year. If you’re a big Star Wars fan, you’ll know that R2-D2 has featured in all the Star Wars films, including the 2019 film, The Rise of Skywalker, and now you can see the prop that was used in the very first Star Wars film at V&A Dundee. Grab your chance to see the famous robot up close and personal and get along to the museum whilst the exhibition is here!

It raises important questions

Credit: Michael McGurk

Although the ‘Hello, Robot. Design between Human and Machine.’ exhibit is family friendly, the museum isn’t just for kids and it raises important questions about robotics and the world we live in. Questions such as ‘Do you believe in the death and rebirth of things?’, ‘Do you want a robot to take care of you?’ and ‘Are robots advancing evolution?’ are tackled in the exhibition and encourage visitors to think about the advancement of robots in today’s society and what the future will look like in a world of advancing robotics.

Book our ‘Hello, Robot. Hello, Dundee.’ package now and make the most of your trip to ‘Hello, Robot.’ at V&A Dundee with a dreamy overnight stay. If you’re looking for other attractions to explore when you’re here, check out our feature on Dundee’s coolest winter attractions that features this futuristic exhibit and book your Dundee city break now.