5 reasons to see Disney’s The Lion King this winter

Are you really here because you need convincing or just because you heard there’s a cackling hyena GIF within? We’re guessing the latter but picture this, the Scottish winter has well and truly set in and for a few hours, the Edinburgh Playhouse will transport you to a place in the heartland of Africa, where the colours are glorious, the effects are jaw dropping and the music wildly enchanting.

All of those nostalgic feels

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Adapted from one of the most iconic Disney films of all time, did anyone not see this masterpiece growing up? Then perhaps time and time again with kids of your own? Relive the magic and feel a true part of Simba’s journey from Cub to King right in the heart of all the roaring theatrical action. Yes, it will take you back and give you all those warm fuzzy feels inside as you live out your ultimate childhood fantasies.

It is for everyone

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Can you say ‘Hakuna Matata?’ It means no worries, because date night, girls night, family night, this theatrical phenomenon wows any occasion. Sit back, relax and be utterly staggered by the brilliant choreography, the wildly vibrant costumes and that epic set design that has you feeling like you’re on a wildlife African safari. It’s said that the jewel in the crown of Disney’s theatricals will make you forget you’re watching humans. So, herd up your pack and join the animal kingdom for the night!

That soundtrack though


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Start your day off right with this Lion King dance remix. Get into it!

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Sing away those winter blues with an Oscar winning soundtrack and of course, that tune we all know the words to. Awarded ‘Best Original Song,’ the irresistible music of Elton John and lyrics by Tim Rice will be brought to life, need we say you’ll be feeling, swaying and singing along to all the love tonight (well, on theatre night!)

You’ll be cackling in the aisles

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There’s no better way to brighten the winter days than with some good ol’ cackles! Not only a heart-warming tale, but prepare to be in stitches with Scar’s snarling one-liners or as his hopeless hyena sidekicks break up that emotive storyline with their mishaps. And if not that, Pumbaa’s heavy feet will be sure to shake up the stage let alone your evening!

It’s the perfect way to get someone into the theatre

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Want to introduce your kids to musicals, or show that one friend who thinks theatre is a yawn what they’re missing? This is just the production to do so. Not only has it stood the test of time, continuing to blow away sell out audiences world-wide since its debut almost 20 years ago, but, let the tabloids do the roaring – it’s multi-award winning (too many to list) and as the New York Times puts it, ‘there’s simply nothing else like it.’

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