Why an Apex Hotels voucher is the perfect present

Searching for the perfect Christmas gift? We’ve found it! In fact, we’ve got a selection of them to make your life easier. An Apex Hotels voucher is one of the best gifts you can buy this Christmas, and they’re even great for that tricky person on your list who’s impossible to buy for. This year, spend less time hunting the high street for a great gift and browse our Christmas gift vouchers instead. Here are just a few reasons why an Apex Hotels voucher is an essential for your Christmas shopping list this year…

There’s so much choice

We’ve got a wide range of Apex Hotels vouchers, meaning you can personalise your gift to suit your loved ones. Our Yu Spa, Dundee vouchers are great for the relaxation seeker in your life, and our dining vouchers are perfect for your foodie friend. If you’re looking to spoil someone, you can treat them to an overnight stay in a city you know they’ll love, and we’ve got a selection of different options to suit your budget.

You’re guaranteed a bespoke experience

When you buy an Apex Hotels voucher, not only are you giving someone the gift of a good time, you’re gifting them a personalised experience, tailored to them. We pride ourselves on creating memorable experiences here at Apex, and our bespoke touches make Christmas gifts even more special. Whether it’s a luxurious overnight stay, a relaxing spa treatment or a decadent feast in one of our restaurants, our staff will ensure your loved one’s experience is nothing short of perfection.

They can be used all over the UK

We’ve got 10 contemporary hotels across five of the UK’s favourite cities; London, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Dundee and Bath, so our vouchers can be easily used no matter where in the UK you are. All of our hotels are centrally located so accessible by most major transport links, making them convenient to get to and great for those who want to explore. From overnight stays in Edinburgh to weekend breaks in London and many more, we’ve got the perfect voucher for you.

It’s foolproof

Ever received the same gift twice? We’ve all been there. Despite shops being full of Christmas gifts, you always run the risk of getting someone a present they’ve already got. That’s what’s so great about Apex Hotels vouchers. Even if your loved one is a huge Apex fan and gets more than one monetary gift voucher, they can combine them to create an even better experience. Plus, they’ll never want to return such a thoughtful gift.

Browse our full range of Christmas gift vouchers here.