Best places to refuel after the Edinburgh marathon

Running Edinburgh Marathon or know someone who is? We all know the importance of fuelling your body before you run and we believe it’s just as important to reward yourself with something tasty when you’ve finished! We’ve noted down our top picks of the best places for runners to refuel in the city centre post-marathon. From delicious pastas to hearty soups to free burgers for runners (yes, you heard that right, free!) there’s something to suit everyone. Read on for the best places to post-marathon feast in 2019…

Union of Genius

Image: Union of Genius on Instagram

What sounds better than a hearty bowl of soup to heat you up after a gruelling run? Union of Genius is Scotland’s first soup cafe and specialises in serving up hearty goodness in a bowl. They do this by using local suppliers and ensuring they’re cooking with the best, locally-sourced ingredients (plus they’re committed to reducing their carbon footprint). Their tasty soups, or as they prefer to call them; love in a bowl, are a sure-fire way to refuel after a 26 mile marathon.

Apex Hotels in Edinburgh

Image: Apex Hotels on Instagram

How does a free burger and fries sound? Too good to be true, right? Well not on the day of the Edinburgh Marathon it’s not! Three of the Apex Hotels in Edinburgh, Apex Grassmarket Hotel, Apex Waterloo Place Hotel and Apex Haymarket Hotel, are giving runners a delicious burger and fries on the house to say congratulations for finishing the marathon. All you need to do to get your complimentary feast is show your medal at any of the hotels. Apex thinks that after running for over 26 miles, you deserve a treat!

Offer available on Sunday 26 May only. To redeem the guest must present a medal from the full Edinburgh Marathon on 26 May 2019. One burger & fries per medal.

Coro The Chocolate Cafe

Image: Coro The Chocolate Cafe on Instagram

If there’s any time you deserve to indulge in all your wildest chocoholic fantasies, it’s after a marathon! At Coro The Chocolate Cafe, your sweet tooth cravings will most definitely be curbed. Pancakes, crepes, waffles and other sweet treats are topped with layers upon layers of deliciously dreamy chocolate. Our mouths are watering just thinking about it… and we’ll definitely be making a pit-stop here in the near future! If anything’s going to keep you going once you pass the 20 mile mark, it’s these decadent desserts.


Image: Frizzante on Instagram

We’ve all heard of carb-loading before the marathon but what’s to stop you from carb-loading after it too? Frizzante is a family-run Italian restaurant on Lothian Road that’s the perfect place to sit down and enjoy a tasty meal post-run. With an impressive menu and an array of awards under its belt, you’re guaranteed a delicious dish when you eat at this Italian hot spot.

Hendersons of Edinburgh

Image: Hendersons on Instagram

If you’re still feeling fresh after the marathon and want something that’s both healthy and delicious, head to Hendersons. They offer a wide range of organic, healthy options to suit vegan and vegetarian diets and their desserts are to die for! It’s the perfect place to refuel post-marathon when you don’t want to let all your hard work and training go to waste.

Are you taking part in the marathon? If so, let us know on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and make sure you stop by one of our hotels with your medal when you’ve finished to get your burger and fries on us!