Brexit: Advice for Travellers

Like many companies we are in limbo until we know the outcome of discussions with the EU, but we are listening to the concerns of our guests and our staff.

If you are planning on travelling in the coming months, there are a number of different places you can head for advice, to make sure you feel fully prepared for your upcoming holidays and business trips.


Our first stop is the team at ABTA, who have put together a useful guide on what the implications to travel may be after the 29 March when the UK leaves the European Union. The blog covers off topics such as travel insurance, visas, data roaming and passports. Read their advice here.


As well as keeping you up to date with current passport rules, this page covers off how to apply for a new passport, and which countries are affected by the new passport rules.


‘We’re all in the departure lounge, we just don’t know where we’re going’. Our friends over at CNTraveller have summed things up just right! Their article looks a number of a scenarios and rates them on a ‘likeliness scale’ of 0 – 10.


The BBC has taken a look at what it means for UK travellers heading to Europe, delving into issues around potential queues at airports and train stations, having the correct documentation and what happens to the European Health Insurance Card.

American Express

Finally, American Express have your business travel queries covered. Considerations over the exchange rate and airport queues, all covered alongside air travel and hotel bookings.