Champagne Campaign: A weekend dedicated to wellbeing

Are you feeling stressed? Do you want more energy? Do you need to sustain high performance and productivity? And do you appreciate life’s finer things, like Champagne?

French foodie and professional speaker Celynn Morin is launching the Champagne Campaign at Apex Temple Court Hotel, and you could take part in it.

Morin has travelled around the country and the world, sharing her experiences and philosophy on sustaining optimal energy and wellbeing. She has won awards as a professional speaker, and practised as a nutritionist for several years before becoming a workplace wellbeing consultant.

What is the Champagne Campaign?

The Champagne Campaign helps people feel fantastic ‒ without giving up life’s greatest pleasures.

If you are a stressed professional or leader wanting to be calmer, healthier and have more energy, without giving up on life’s pleasures, then this workshop is for you.

In the luxurious settings at Apex Temple Court Hotel, Celynn will be hosting a weekend dedicated to wellbeing, but not how you might expect.

So, what is it? Simply put, it’s a wellbeing programme of talks, workshops and retreats that uses the Champagne-making process as a metaphor for your own life.

“Just as the essence of Champagne is celebration, joy, quality, sharing, effervescence and aliveness, so too is the essence of being human, when we are at our vibrant best!”

Using curiosity, connection and celebration as the main principles, it charts a course towards wellbeing – a wellbeing that goes far beyond physical health, adding celebration, joy, connection, sharing, effervescence and vitality to your life.

A percentage of the proceeds from this event will mark the beginning of a campaign to support Refugee Community Kitchen. This is a volunteer-run community serving nourishing, wholesome food to displaced people in the UK and northern France.

What you’ll be doing

The event will cover a range of aspects on wellbeing. You will:

  • Discover how to eat for optimal wellness and keep it pleasurable
  • Learn how to practice more mindful living and be more productive as a result
  • Understand how to surrender to deep sleep and cultivate dreaming
  • Simple stress reducing techniques that really stick
  • Improve physical agility and ‘joie de vivre’ (joy of living) through conscious movement
  • Clear, actionable steps, helping you live your life by design rather than default
  • Be part of a new effervescent community

The programme will encompass engaging interactive exercises, reflective practice, guided large and small group discussions and debriefs.

When and where is it?

Join Celynn on Friday 27 September at 2.30pm for a 3pm start. The Friday session will finish at 6pm (dinner optional).

Then again on Saturday 28 September for a full day – 9am-5pm (dinner optional).

The event will be taking place in The Justice Room at The Amicable Society of Lazy Ballerinas at Apex Temple Court Hotel. This stunning venue has a walk-in wine cellar and is ideal for private dinners and a relaxed sparkling wine tasting.

The modern, dark wood panelling and stylish artwork gives way to a grand, oak table and the original wine cellar space beyond.

The Justice Room


Your ticket will include the full one-and-a-half day programme, all refreshments and food, as well as the sparkling wine tasting masterclass and the Saturday evening dinner. Excludes accommodation at Apex Temple Court Hotel, which is available at a special members rate for Champagne Campaign attendees. A code will be shared with all ticket purchases.

Early bird tickets (£290) are on sale now and will sell fast, so to avoid disappointment, click here to book now.