Discover Dundee: 8 Reasons to Visit Dundee

The Aye Life

As a couple of passionate Scottish Travel & Lifestyle bloggers, Scott and I were delighted to be invited down to a very exclusive event surrounding Dundee’s newest and most anticipated arrival, V&A Dundee. As Dundee is only a stone’s throw away from our home in Aberdeen, we are so excited to see what the trendy city has up its sleeve. Seeing as we are super excited for the official V&A opening festival, we have put together some of our favourite reasons to visit Dundee, with many more to follow over on our blog,

One City, Many Discoveries

After securing No.6 in Lonely Planet’s ‘Best in Europe 2018,’ there’s just no stopping the City of Discovery. Dundee has long been a hub for creativity and endurance and the cities known combination of modesty and perseverance has added further clout to its already on-trend reputation. Upcoming, forward-thinking and based within reaching distance of Scotland’s other cities, Dundee is cementing its place in Scottish tourism. But what exactly is there to do in Dundee?

V&A Dundee

‘Creativity is intelligence having fun’ – Albert Einstein

Dundee isn’t just best suited to play host to this architectural wonder, it also deserves the opportunity. The city has been providing incredible talent and innovation for years, V&A Dundee is just another reflection of the cities lust for life. Over £80 million and numerous hours have been pumped into the planning and perfecting of the building. As it stands Tayside, in all its nautical glory, it appears thankful to its many benefactors.

Careful intricacy in design has created an awe-inspiring shell, with the journey of inspiration continuing further in the building’s interior. After 10 years in the making, V&A Dundee officially opens on the 14th of September 2018, with Scottish band Primal Scream headlining the 3D opening festival.

Ocean Liners Exhibition

Comparable with an old-worldly cruise ship, the Ocean Liners exhibition will be displaying treasured items from liners past and present, sure to attract and entice. An engraved panel found from the wreckage of the Titanic will be on display, alongside a Christian Dior suit worn by Marlene Dietrich. This screams old-world glamour. The Apex is located Quayside, within a 10 minute walk from the V&A building and is delighted to offer a fantastic package for guests choosing to visit the architectural wonder.

Discovery Point

The RRS Discovery was launched in 1901 for Captain Robert Falcon Scott to be used for Antarctic research. It was the last three-masted ship to have been built in the UK. Following it’s expedition, the ship then travelled all over the world. It has now returned to it’s home in Dundee where it tells the story of Captain Scott and his crew and their challenges faced in the inhospitable and harsh Antarctic environment. Visiting Discovery Point will give you the opportunity to listen to the first hand accounts of Captain Scott and his crew during their difficult and heroic voyage.

Fox Lake

Dundee’s Quay plays host to Fox Lake, an impressive and adventurous Aquapark. Accessible to a vast range of ages and abilities, Fox Lake offers fun, modern playtime in crisp, Scottish waters. The Aquapark has an inflatable assault course, paddle-boarding and wake-boarding. The Apex Hotel is directly across from the water park and offers fabulous Quayside views.

St Andrews

Dundee is less than 90 minutes from Aberdeen, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Stirling and Perth making it the perfect base for a long weekend of exploring Scotland’s top cities. It is less than a 30 minutes drive to St Andrews, one of the most beautiful and historic Scottish towns. St Andrews is famous for it’s abundance of scenic golf courses, but the area is also rich in history and a foodie hotspot. Why not take a day trip through to the coastal gem?

The Horn

Less than half an hour South of Dundee lies the home of supreme bacon. The Horn is a roadside restaurant which offers fabulous home-baking and the best bacon rolls. Travelling South of Dundee for a day trip calls for an early morning pit-stop at The Horn. It really is the perfect start to a day.

A Dundee Welcome

Dundee has lots of great restaurants and bars, along with a superb shopping scene. There are so many reasons to visit the wonderful city and we look forward to sharing more of these reasons with you in the future. But why just read all about it when you can see it all for yourself? With the Apex Hotel in such close proximity to V&A Dundee and the city’s most favoured attractions, why not treat yourself to a weekend in Tayside?

Check out Apex City Quay Hotel & Spa now, and plan your next city break.