Essentials for the luxury traveller

We’ve collated the luxury travel essentials that you need to become an effortlessly chic globe-trotter who is always prepared to take on any destination with exuberance and panache. Find our luxe top picks of the moment and start ticking off your bucket list with ease, in comfort and most importantly, in style.

The White Company Cashmere Socks

Image: The White Company

Starting with comfort, it’s essential to indulge in some quality travel attire and it’s cosy meets chic with these White Company cashmere socks. Perfect to combat the unpredictable elements that travelling can expose you to, pure cashmere is just the luxurious fabric you need to keep your toes ever so snug and toasty warm.

Globe Trotter Travel Case

Image: @globetrotter

A showstopper on wheels is the essential companion for every stylish traveller and this British luxury brand have sure mastered the art of crafting eye-catching cases that are easy to spot in a sea of ordinaries. Unique and timeless in style, they’re the perfect accessory to facilitate your most lavish wanderlust moments.

Smythson Documents Holder

Image: @Smythson

Add some couture to your case and tote your travel documents in style with Smythson’s stunning range. Soft, buttery leather keeps your valuables safe and right where you need them, allowing you to breeze through transfers like the most worldly jet-setters.

Slip Pure Silk Sleep Mask

Image: Slip Silk

The dreamiest way to clock up your beauty sleep on board is with these Slip Silk sleep masks. Popular with dermatologists and beauty aficionados, pure mulberry silk provides a luxurious way to doze off that is said to prevent fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes. Perfect for arriving to any destination bright-eyed and beaming.

Temple Skincare

Image: @templespa

Travel can do wonders for the soul, but it can take its toll on your skin. Choose a stay that is well equipped with quality skincare so that your routine is not tarnished away from home. When staying at our Apex Temple Court Suites, you will experience the gloriously indulgent Temple Skincare products and can restore your healthy, radiant complexion amidst the spacious marble bathroom.

Master & Dynamic Wireless Headphones

Image: @masterdynamic

Day dreaming above the clouds is made all the better with quality headphones that block out those pesky background noises. Crafted with stainless steal and leather, this stylish set boasts a lightweight sleek and cordless design, keeping your hands free for whatever adventure the trip throws your way.

Evian Brumisateur Mineral Water Facial Spray

Image: @evianspray

Hydration is key when travelling and treating your skin to some H2O may just be any well-travelled globe-trotter’s secret to a radiant, dewy tone. The Evian Brumisateur Facial Spray is pure mineral water from the Swiss Alps and works as a hydrating elixir to awaken and nourish the skin with just a simple spritz.

Native Union Wireless Charging Docks

Image: @nativeunion

Seasoned globetrotters know better than to rely on external forces when it comes to charging their devices. There’s no need to worry about draining your battery whilst filling your Instagram feed with breath-taking scenes abroad when you can dock in style with these genuine marble wireless charging blocks.

Your luxury travel items are ready and it’s now time to find the place that merits the pure indulgence of them and we know just the spot here.

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