Healthy habits on the go

According to research, it takes 66 days to form a habit. That means if you’ve kept up your new year’s resolutions, they’re now habits and are here to stay! As we get into the warmer months, our wanderlust is creeping back – and judging by the volume of #TakeMeBack posts on social media, heralding last summer’s adventures, everyone else has caught the travel bug too! We thought we’d take this time to give you some tips from our team on how to keep those healthy resolutions-turned-habits when travelling. Read on for advice on how to tick off your bucket list without breaking your routine

Meet: Steph

Healthy Habit: Get active

Top Tip: Tag-team it

Hey Steph, can you tell us a bit about yourself and about how often you travel?

Hey! I’m part of the content team here at Apex! I love to travel – I’m actually from all the way in Australia so getting here alone was quite a journey! Basing myself in London for a few years is giving me the chance to see as much of this side of the world as I can with sneaky weekend trips, and I’m also lucky enough that I get to travel for work, making regular trips up to Scotland which I love. To give you an idea of how frequently I travel, I’d say since I’ve lived in London, I’ve been on a trip at least once a month (but sometimes more).

Sounds exciting! Can you tell us if you’ve taken part in trying to adopt any healthy habits this year and can you share any tips that you find helps you stick to them?

For sure, moving to a new country meant I really had to adjust to a whole new lifestyle. I’m a big fan of keeping active both for the physical benefits and for my mood, so this is a habit I’m always working on maintaining. My top tip for this would be finding something active that you love. It took some digging around at the start but luckily London is a city full of people who love to keep active – check out ‘meet up’ to find a crowd who likes the same activity as you! I joined hiking groups and I know there’s a whole community of people on there I can join to help me stick to my goals. That ties into my top tip of sticking to them and that is by ‘tag-teaming’ your goals. Find a friend with the same goals and tackle them together! If you’re meeting a friend for a weekend run, even when you don’t feel like it, you’ll still go because you don’t want to let them down. It makes it a lot more fun too and you can do it with basically any habit.

And what about when you are travelling, is it tough to stick to your habits and how do you tackle this?

It can be such a challenge on trips. I’m a big fan of routine and travelling can totally throw you out of your regular pattern! When it’s a work trip, I’m super lucky because all the hotels in Scotland have a gym and pool, so there’s really no excuse for me to not be active. Travelling for leisure, I’d say top tip is always pack your trainers! In my opinion, seeing the sites on foot is the best way to explore and it also gets your steps up. Even when travelling for work, there’s always something new to do! Check out more on our blog for ideas on any of your trips at Apex. I had to tackle Arthur’s Seat when I was there and that’s pictured above, definitely worth it! Again, tying back to tackling habits with someone, a lot of trips I’ll plan will be with a friend who also loves being active. That means we’ll plan ahead and look up what hikes or walks we can do on the trip (it’s the best way you’ll capture those ‘Insta-worthy’ moments too!)

Nice! Next trip for you, Steph?

I’m heading to Austria in April! I’ll be going with friend who is also into being active and we have planned to fly into Salzburg to kick the trip off with some hiking. Hopefully I’ll be able to report back that I’ve been able to stick to my healthy habits after this trip!

Thanks for sharing your top tips! You’ve covered off the keeping fit goals for us which no doubt many of us put to the top of our ‘New Year’s Resolutions’ list! Let’s see what else the Apex team have in store…

Meet: Brooke

Healthy Habit: Eating clean

Top Tip: Everything in moderation

Hey Brooke, can you tell us a bit about yourself and how often you travel?

Hey! I work in content in the Apex Hotels marketing team based in our head office in Edinburgh. I’ve always loved writing and travelling so working in marketing in the tourism industry is the perfect fit for me! I travel fairly frequently, whether that’s in and around Scotland or further afield and I’ve got a few big trips coming up. Oh and I LOVE staying in hotels. I think it’s one of the greatest pleasures in life!

Can you tell us if you’ve taken part in trying to adopt any healthy habits this year and share any tips you find helps you stick to them?

I’ve really been trying to eat clean this year and cut out junk food. I did ‘Pescanuary’ which I’m not sure is a thing but it seemed less extreme than ‘Veganuary’, and since then I’ve managed to significantly cut back on most meat products (I say most because I have had a couple of steaks since then…) In terms of sticking to habits, I think not taking on too much at once is important. I knew I wouldn’t be able to do ‘Veganuary’ because it would be too much change so opted for ‘Pescanuary’ instead and found it much easier to stick to. I think it’s when people try to adopt a million good habits in January that it begins to get difficult. Also, everything in moderation!

And what about when you are travelling, is it tough to stick to your habits and how do you tackle this?

Travelling can be tough when you’ve committed to eating a certain way but I try to always book a hotel that offers a wide range of healthy options. Thankfully all our hotels offer a good variety of food options and even have healthy in-room snacks! When I went to Dundee last weekend for a distillery tour (admittedly whisky isn’t so healthy), I made sure to order the ‘detox breakfast’ and made the most of the healthy snacks and complimentary bottled water for the car journey home.

Bucket list destination?

It has to be the Bahamas. After watching the Fyre Festival documentary I couldn’t stop thinking about how awful the whole thing was… But also, I really want to go to Pig Island!

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