#HitSnooze with Apex Hotels

When the clocks go back we all enjoy that precious ‘extra hour’ in bed – winter will be officially here.

With the dark nights drawing in and the less-than-bright mornings making it a little more difficult to get out of bed, why not try and make that ‘extra hour in bed’ feeling last by getting the best possible night’s sleep you can.

Luckily, we’re pretty experienced in that area. We have 10 hotels spread across five major UK cities, and many of our guests say they’ve had the best night’s sleep ever at a hotel with us. Read on to find out why you should #HitSnooze with us.

Find yourself – and find out what your sleeping position says about you

Getting away – even for one night – is a treat in itself, and it’s the perfect chance to focus on yourself. That includes indulging in your own relaxation rituals, whether that’s reading a book from cover-to-cover, sitting in the bath for hours on end only moving to top up the hot water, or binge-watching a guilty pleasure of a TV series that nobody else will watch with you.

As well as having their own ways of relaxing in general, everyone has their own routine when it comes to winding down and getting some shut-eye – including the position they take when they finally get into bed.

The sleeping position you choose can say a lot about you as a person. Just take a look below and see what yours reveals…

1. Foetal position

You don’t like confrontation, and often shy away from dealing with bigger problems. If you’re flight’s delayed, you probably won’t complain. You’re less likely to let someone know your room is too cool, or ask for an extra pillow. Our travel advice? Always ask – it’ll only give you a better night’s sleep.

2. Lying on your stomach

You’re a leader. You love making and following a plan, and are always keen to make sure those around you are having a great time. You’re probably the one in your friendship groups or relationship who plans every inch of the holiday, from car hire and hotels to restaurants and museum visits. You’ll probably know more about our hotels than we do.

3. Soldier position

Sleeping like a soldier at attention can mean you are well-adjusted. You know your goals and will be strict and pedantic in achieving them. When it comes to staying away from home you’ll check all the details, making sure you’ve got all the right info to hand before choosing where will give you the best night’s sleep. We respect that.

4. Lying on your back, arms up

If you lie on your back you’re likely to be full of life, you often find yourself in the centre of attention, and you love good company. Your personality is strong, and you won’t shy away from telling people the truth. As a traveller you’re assertive, and always looking for the next adventure.

5. ‘The Heron’ – one leg raised on your side

If you sleep like a heron, with one leg raised, you’re likely to be spontaneous. You’re not the most decisive person, but that keeps things interesting. Whilst you’re always up for an adventure, you like peace and quiet at the end of a long day – with that in mind, we think we’ll make the best of friends.

6. Knees out on your side

You’re a happy-go-lucky person, and you always approach things with a positive attitude. You’re not easily offended, and you’ll be seen smiling on even the dullest of mornings. You’re always the first to give our breakfast staff a cheery hello, and any trip away with you is bound to be fun one.

Seal of approval

Sleep expert, Lisa Artis of The Sleep Council, has given us her top tips for getting the perfect night’s sleep when away from home. And, thanks to our plush beds, luxurious linens and in-room extras, it just so happens that our hotels tick quite a few boxes when it comes to drifting off into a restful, refreshing sleep.

You can check out her hints and tips for yourself and, once you’ve read them through, you can visit us and put them into practice. We would also love to hear what you think.

Tried and tested

We teamed up with luxury travel blogger Jess Gibson – also known as The Travelista – to test our theory on guests getting a great night’s sleep with Apex.

Armed with some expert tips on how to get a fantastic night of rest, Jess travelled to Edinburgh and bedded down (literally) in Apex Waterloo Place Hotel. You can check out her dreamy experience for yourself on her blog.