How to keep moving while you’re on the go

Movement and exercise is key to making sure we feel energised and focused – and can even make us feel more relaxed. So it’s no wonder that many of us still want to keep up that well-planned fitness regime, even when travelling.

Of course, you may have to slightly modify things, for example, if you don’t have room to pack your gym gear, or if your sense of direction means that going out for a run in a new city is an adventure too far.

Our #WarmerWelcome ambassador, Celynn Morin – wellbeing expert, corporate wellness consultant and avid fan of travelling – advocates movement for getting the most out of your day.

With her help, we’ve found a few low-impact exercise routines that could work while you’re on the go.

And you can hear more of Celynn’s thoughts the impact exercise has on our wellbeing in episode two of our exclusive podcast series, ‘Relax, Rejuvenate and Focus with Celynn Morin’.

The Five Tibetan Rites

Sometimes known as ‘The Five Rites’, ‘The Five Tibetans’ and ‘The Five Rites of Rejuvenation’, this system of simple exercises – not a million miles away from yoga – is perfect for waking yourself up first thing in the morning. The Rites were published back in the 1930s by author Peter Kelder, but are said to date back thousands of years.

Those familiar with yoga will recognise some of the rites – with echoes of Camel Pose, Bridge Pose and Upward/Downward Dog very evident throughout.

Not only will the exercises put a spring in your step, they’re also said to slow down the ageing process, with testimonials in Kelder’s book Ancient Secret of the Fountain of Youth stating the Rites improved eyesight and memory, among other things. Where do we sign up?

But don’t worry, you don’t have to be an experienced yogi to work through the Rites each day. Wikipedia gives a great background to the Rites, with some great GIFs demonstrating the exercises, or you can head over to Blissful Yogini for a first person account of getting to grips with the Rites – including a handy video demonstration.

Each of the Rites should be done in order, with beginners starting with three repetitions of each one – working up to 21 of each with regular practice.

Low impact HIIT circuits

HIIT – high intensity interval training – has been big news on the fitness scene for a while, and shows no sign of going anywhere.

If you’re a travelling HIIT devotee with a love for sweating it out, there are lots of options for low-impact routines which will still get your heart racing, but can be done in smaller spaces without the need for trainers.

Walking burpees, squats, lunges, planks and press-ups – to name but a few exercises – feature heavily in these routines.

The current UK ‘face’ of HIIT, The Body Coach Joe Wicks, has a whole bank of free-to-access low impact routines that take less than 30 minutes – including your warm-up and cool-down. There are even a few specifically formulated for travellers, featuring the perfect hotel room exercises.

You can also get plenty of inspiration from Instagram fitness stars like Alice Liveing and Shona Vertue, who demonstrate at-home workouts with no equipment – or just using resistance bands that can be easily packed in your luggage.

And don’t worry, if you’re staying with us, our high-speed complimentary Wi-Fi will keep the videos flowing…even when you’re a little out of breath and need to press ‘pause’.

Stretch it out

Stretching and improving flexibility is an area most people neglect. So while you’re travelling – and inevitably sitting on planes, trains and in cars – it’s the perfect opportunity to bring out your inner yogi and stretch it out.

Individual movements – like side bends, forward folds, hamstring stretches and shoulder stretches – and simple yoga flows are perfect hotel room exercises. Throw in some meditation or relaxing breathing and you’ve got the perfect bedtime relaxation routine.

You can find some guidance on breathing exercise – and a quick run-down of why meditation is so important – in episode three of our exclusive #WarmerWelcome podcast series, ‘Relax, Rejuvenate and Focus with Celynn Morin’.

Search Pinterest for simple, static yoga stretches and you’ll find perfect poses to increase your flexibility that can be done in the comfort of your hotel room.

Or if you want to flow and add some movement, take a look at Cat Meffan’s gentle yoga flows on YouTube for the perfect balance of movement and calm – ideal before you settle into your incredibly comfy Apex bed.

For even more information on how to relax, rejuvenate and focus whether you’re at home, or on the go, check out our #WarmerWelcome page.