Love Lamb Week: Have you tried Chef Marc De Stasio’s speciality dish at The Lampery?

We do appreciate a good lamb supper here at The Lampery and it’s thanks to the hard-working farmers producing quality British lamb that we can create amazing dishes for our customers. Lamb has a taste unlike any other meat, making it perfect for a variety of dishes, from slow-cooked roasts to curries.

To celebrate Love Lamb Week, Michelin-trained Head Chef Marcello De Stasio from The Lampery at our Apex City of London Hotel has created another mouth-watering dish with 100% British lamb. We’ve also offered a helping hand for what to look for when buying and cooking lamb at home.

Head Chef Marc De Stasio’s cannon of lamb, available at The Lampery

Chef Marc’s cannon of lamb

The speciality dish:

Cannon of British lamb, baby carrots, carrot purée, sorrel, champagne jus (gf)

Chef Marc and the team at The Lampery are passionate about British ingredients and locally sourced produce. No pomp and ceremony, just good honest cooking presented beautifully.

And that is what you’ll get with this stunning lamb dish – doing British lamb and all of the fantastic British farmers justice. The delicious dish is on the menu at The Lampery for £28. To book your meal, click here.

Cooking lamb at home

Lamb is a versatile meat with lots of different cuts suited to different cooking methods. Tougher cuts of lamb are great for slow-cooking and can make delicious braises and stews, while prime cuts can be cooked quickly, roasted or barbecued and are best eaten when the meat is still pink.

When making burgers, lamb is a good alternative to beef as it can be minced and easily shaped. It’s also good for making kebabs, as well as for cooking the well-loved home comfort, shepherd’s pie.

Ovens perform differently and barbecuing or pan-frying lamb involves guesswork, unless you have a digital cooking thermometer. When roasting lamb to your liking, these are the temperatures of the meat (when probed with a cooking thermometer) that you need to know:

50C – very rare
55C – medium rare
60C – medium (pink)
65C – medium well
72C – well done

Share your love for lamb

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