What Luxury Means to Me – by The Daydreamer

Guest blog by Christina Miller, The Daydreamer

Staying in the Grand Suite is how I imagine living at home would be if I had total control of interior design and an entire room to stash all the baby and toddler things that are littered throughout my house.

Apex Hotels, Temple Court. Suite 465, London. May 2019

The building itself is pretty incredible – you can’t help your mouth hanging open just a bit when you look up at the Georgian architecture, it’s just beautiful. Then, when you head inside to take the lift up to the Grand Suite, you’re instantly struck by a very vintage vibe; however, as soon as the door to the suite opens, you’re met with the most Instagram-able décor. The teal velvet sofa, the snuggly throws, the absolutely enormous bed complete with scatter cushions – it’s a dream. In fact, it’s the Pinterest dream come to life! That said, it feels homely. You can imagine yourself living amongst these furnishings, lying stretched out to watch TV, taking a bubble bath in the all-white bathroom.

Apex Hotels, Temple Court. Suite 465, London. May 2019
Apex Hotels, Temple Court. Suite 465, London. May 2019
Apex Hotels, Temple Court. Suite 465, London. May 2019

This serene but stylish environment sets the scene for what is a discreet, nothing-is-too-much-trouble service. The concierge aspect means that, even though you might feel at home, you know you’re not – because there is nothing you have to do and, rather, the Apex staff are more than happy to do anything to help. Even if that means bringing you hot milk – froth and all – for your morning Nespresso. Which, right now, means everything to me.

As a 36-year-old mum of two under two, I’ve realised that true luxury isn’t just about designer logos and first-class travel but instead – for me – it’s about time and self-care.

Yes, I love a bit of Mulberry and an all-inclusive 5* beach break as much as the next woman but these days I am just grateful for some time-out of the daily grind to look after myself. As a parent taking care of two very young children life is, of course, joyful – but it’s chaotic on a daily basis.

That’s why, when the opportunity presents itself, I take a bit of time out to remind myself that there is more to life than the relentless cycle of chores, there will, eventually, be more than the constant need for organisation at a level that would rival military forces. Even though life is fulfilling, I crave an hour or two during which I can take care of me. Even better if it’s an overnight break…Every minute of every day is spent looking after a baby and a toddler (with whom every other sentence is a battle, in an effort to help grow a kind, pleasant and polite little human being) so having the chance to invest a little TLC back into myself is the ultimate in what I consider to be luxurious right now.

Nowadays, that means a good dose of self-indulgence. For example, a hot bath full to the brim with bubbles courtesy of a ridiculously expensive bath foam (cost per use is actually very economical given said bath happens so infrequently), glass of wine in hand, magazine left untouched on the floor because the pure bliss of the bath means reaching down is too much effort.

To me, luxury is having the time to create a feeling of wellbeing from the outside in. It’s that first sip of wine after a long day, the sound of chocolate cracking beneath your fingers, a steaming hot cup of tea beside you and the knowledge that you can drink it while it’s hot. Luxury is a face mask and a hair mask at the same time without risk of hearing a knock at the door. It’s binging on the latest offering from Netflix, uninterrupted, in your pyjamas. Luxury is fresh bed sheets, the feeling of crisp, clean linen crumpling beneath your bare skin… and then it’s breakfast in bed the next morning, knowing the dishes will be taken care of by someone else.

That, to me, is pure luxury at its finest.

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