Meditation and Minfulness

This month, our resident yoga expert, Sarah is teaching us all about the importance of seasonal flow in winter. As we approach Christmas, our lives seem to speed up, and taking time to ourselves can seem impossible when our daily routines are so hectic. In this short video, Sarah talks through a quick and easy meditation for you to incorporate into your daily routine that won’t take long but will give you some all-important relaxation and mindfulness at this time of the year.

But first, why is meditation and mindfulness so important? There’s a plethora of research that praises meditation for its mental, physical and spiritual benefits and suggests that we should all undertake a practice of mindfulness. From Goop to The Guardian to BBC to Forbes, meditation and mindfulness has been heralded as being the solution to near enough all of our problems. It’s even NHS approved for coping with anxiety.

Traditional Chinese medicine tells us we should live in harmony with the seasons and that winter is the time to slow down and conserve our energy. Sarah believes that Winter is also the time for reflection on the past year, which makes it the perfect time to incorporate meditation and mindfulness into your daily routine.

Watch Sarah’s video below to find out how you can take some time for yourself in the run up to the festive season.