New year new yu

It’s the new year and we all know what that means. Time to commit to healthy eating, exercising more often and being more organised. Whilst we’re all for taking care of our health and getting our lives in order (see the best planners 2019 has to offer here), Seasonal Yoga teaches us that it’s important to pace ourselves in January and ease into that ‘New Year, New You‘ lifestyle. It can be easy to jump into a fast-paced, HIIT style fitness routine in January to put those new workout clothes to good use, but by conserving energy and easing into gentler exercise, we can be better prepared for a more rigorous yoga practice in spring when our bodies are stronger.

Our resident Yogi, Sarah talks us through a lunar salutation, also known in Sankrit as ‘Chandra Namaskara’, that she says is the perfect way to start your day in January. So to get your healthy resolutions off to a good (and relaxing) start, set aside 5 minutes in the morning and incorporate this quick and easy salutation into your morning routine. Sarah promises it’ll leave you feeling rejuvenated and ready to tackle all of your new year’s resolutions!