Red wine sorbet

Who says red wine can’t be served chilled? Contrary to popular belief, summer reds are a thing. Around summer, our Sommelier, Mario constantly gets asked why he’s serving red wine in a cooler because a lot of people still think you can only serve reds at room temperature. We asked Mario to give us the spill on chilled reds…

“Reds like this beautiful Henri Prudhon Bourgogne Pinot Noir that have bright acidity and little tannins present on the palette much like a white, so slightly chilling them brings out a beautiful fresh flavour. This drop has notes of sour cherry and wild berries and it’s so refreshing slightly chilled!”

We decided to follow Mario’s lead and step up our chilled red game. We’ve taken it to the next level with this three-step recipe for a super refreshing red wine sorbet. Wine for dessert? Sign us up!  Follow our recipe and make sure you share a pic and tag us if you make it at home, @lazyballerinas on Facebook and Instagram.

Read Wine Sorbet


1 and 1/2 cups of red wine

3 cups frozen berries

Teaspoon of honey

Dollop of plain yogurt of your choice


1. Pour red wine into an ice tray and freeze overnight

2. Add the red wine ice cubes, frozen berries, honey and yogurt into a food processor and blend until smooth. (We sometimes add a drop of vanilla essence, but get experimental!)

3. Enjoy! It’s really as simple as that.