Seven facts you didn’t know about Bath

Beyond the well-known history and heritage that surrounds the hot springs of the Roman Baths, there are many interesting facts about Bath you’ll be surprised to hear.

We’ve been getting to know our new city, and come across some little gems to share with you ahead of your next trip. It’s your new place to be, and here’s why.

Bath and beyond, Uranus was discovered from Bath

In 1781, from his humble home in BA1, using a telescope of his own design, William Herschel discovered the planet that is the butt of so many jokes. His observations made him an award-winning astronomer. He helped to double the known size of the solar system and push forward the science in building telescopes as we know them today.

Who would have thought that just three minutes’ walk away from Apex City of Bath, you can visit his house at the Herschel Museum of Astronomy? Find out more.

UNESCO all over, Bath is a World Heritage Site

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Edinburgh Castle, Tower of London, Stonehenge. They all have one thing in common – pride of place on the World Heritage List. The entire City of Bath is on there too.

You heard us, the City of Bath is the only entire UK city to be a designated UNESCO World Heritage Site. Impressed? Read about its importance here.

Signed, sealed and delivered. The world’s first stamp was sent from Bath in 1840.

The third in our list of facts about Bath. 6 May 1840 was the official first day of adhesive postage stamp circulation. The postal system was transformed by the famous Penny Black. But it was Thomas Moore Musgrave, Bath postmaster who sent the first stamp a few days early on 2 May before they were officially allowed.

The first Penny Black was sold in 1990 for £55,000 (that’s a whopping 45,833,233% increase in value since 1840). Musgrave’s eager enthusiasm put Bath on the map. Find out more at the Bath Postal Museum, just a short walk from our hotel.

Pulteney Bridge has a unique design connecting the city of Bath

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Crossing the River Avon, and originally completed in 1774, the bridge connected the Georgian town of Bathwick to the city of Bath. Its interesting design is one of only a few in the world where shops are built across the span of a bridge on both sides. Others can be found in Florence, Venice and Erfurt.

The bridge is a great place to wander on a sunny day. It also creates a stunning backdrop to the weir below.

Bath is a historical Roman site, named after a local goddess

The Roman name for Bath is Aquae Sulis. The city was named Aquae Sulis because the people would travel there to worship Sulis Minerva, a Roman goddess.

Sulis was worshipped at the Roman Baths temple near the hot springs. You can visit the Roman Baths on your next trip and learn about the people who lived and worked in the area. Find out more about The Roman Baths.

The city survived the Baedeker raids of WWII

Often known as the ‘Bath Blitz’ of World War II, the last weekend of April 1942 was a dark time for the city, and leads us to another fact about Bath that we’ve discovered in the build of our new hotel. As a city rich in cultural and historical significance Bath was a prime target. A series of three air attacks resulted in the loss of over 400 lives.

The ancient city pulled through and a recovery of damaged buildings began. The site of our hotel was hit three times and two strikes occurred at either end of the land. You can now relax with a drink on the historic site that our restaurant and bar now sits on.

It’s got its own currency

Not to be confused with the biscuit, The Bath Oliver is the city’s local currency.

Historically used as a means for friendly trade, traders and locals would use it as a coupon of exchange. They swapped it for materials, favours or discounts. This is the heart of Bath’s local, independent vibe that still remains strong today.

We’ve named our hotel’s duck, Oliver after it too.

You’re now ready for a visit to Bath, with a few new ideas of places to visit. Book your stay at Apex City of Bath Hotel in the heart of the city, and wake up ready to explore all these places on your doorstep.