Start Your New Skin Story

It’s a new year and it’s the perfect time to hit refresh and make a positive change to your wellbeing and we’re starting with the largest organ of the body, our skin.

Taking a holistic approach and recognising that we all have different skin concerns, Elemis have curated four unique, targeted kits that act as a four product, four step guide to reset your skincare routine. The kits not only treat problem areas, but enrich the skin with powerful actives and potent natural ingredients so that you can achieve that effortless healthy glow all year round.

Feel inspired to rejuvenate your skin this year, or as Elemis puts it, rewrite your skin story…

Superfood Healthy Kickstart

The story of healthy skin starts here

Using nutrient dense superfoods, this kit acts like a juice cleanse for the skin, ridding it of dullness and flakiness and nourishing it with vitamin rich natural extracts from avocado, broccoli, kale and cucumber. These ingredients work to maintain your Pre-Biotic levels to leave you with that dewy outdoor-glow that lasts.


Superfood Facial Wash 150ml
Superfood Day Cream 30ml
Papaya Enzyme Peel 15ml
Superfood Facial Oil 5ml

Price £40 (Save 47%)

Peptide 24/7 Restore, Refresh, Renew

The story of refreshed skin starts here

Harnessing the power of Night Scented Stock, abundant with powerful omegas and Vitamin E up to ten times higher than many other known natural oils used in skincare, this Super-botanical works with your body clock to help awaken and replenish the skin leaving you with a well-rested glow around the clock.


  • Gentle Foaming Face Wash 150ml
  • Peptide4 Recovery Night Cream-Oil 30ml
  • Peptide4 Eye Recovery Cream 5ml
  • Peptide4 Thousand Flower Mask 15ml

Price £50 (Save 49%)

A Smooth Start

The story of smoother skin starts here

This specially developed range uses natural enzymes from fruit and barley as an alternative to harsh chemical treatment to exfoliate skin and boost the natural exfoliation cycle, ensuring a vibrant and radiant complexion all year round.


  • Dynamic Resurfacing Facial Wash 200ml
  • Dynamic Resurfacing Facial Pads 60pk
  • Dynamic Resurfacing Gel Mask 15ml
  • Dynamic Resurfacing Serum 10ml

Price £55 (Save 53%)

Pro-Collagen Face a Firm Future

The story of firmer skin starts here

This collection intensely hydrates and plumps the skin with the rich, water attracting properties of super seaweed, Padina Pavonica. Rich marine actives cleanse, tone and illuminate the skin leaving you with a brighter, more youthful complexion.


  • Pro-Radiance Cream Cleanser 200ml
  • Pro-Collagen Super Elixir 15ml
  • Pro-Collagen Marine Cream 30ml
  • Pro-Collagen Hydra-Gel Eye Mask (1 pair)

Price £65 (Save 58%)

So, do you want to rewrite your skin story this year?

Each kit is available in Yu Spa, Dundee, where our friendly skin experts can help you choose the perfect collection for you.

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