Summer skin

Summer is *finally* here! We’ve been waiting for our favourite season to arrive since January so to say we’re excited is an understatement. It’s time to dig out the sunglasses, sarongs and sandals and don that summer dress that’s been hiding in the back of your wardrobe since last year. Here at Yu Spa, we’ve got everything you need to get you feeling oh so summer ready. There’s nothing better than feeling confident in your skin so we’ve jotted down some of our favourite products and top tips that’ll ensure you’re looking and feeling your best this year. Read on for guaranteed summer skin confidence…


Nourishing your skin is important all year round but especially in summer when it’s exposed to the sun. Treat your skin to a nourishing exfoliating treatment at Yu Spa, like our Signature Exotic Lime & Ginger Salt Glow Wrap or our Exotic Frangipani Wrap. Both of these treatments will get your skin feeling soft, glowing and ready to be bared this summer. If you prefer to avoid the sun and fake a tan instead, these wraps are great for creating a velvety base for your fake tan and will ensure your application is a lot smoother and the end result a lot more even.


Do you know that yoga is good for your skin? We’re huge advocates of the practice here at Yu Spa, thanks to our resident yoga expert, Sarah. If you’re looking to get your glow on this summer but don’t fancy overhauling your entire skincare routine, why not try a spot of yoga instead? Yoga can reduce stress, which can lead to fewer breakouts. It can also help rejuvenate and revitalise the body which can actually firm and tighten your skin, reducing the appearance of fine lines. We’re not saying that taking up the practice means you can throw out your night cream, but you might see improvements in your skin if you give yoga a go! If you don’t believe us, read what the experts have to say here.


Pre-holiday prep is essential when it comes to getting your skin looking and feeling its best. Lucky for you, we have one of the summer’s best new products in the spa. The Elemis Tan Accelerator is a nourishing moisturiser that doubles up as a pre-holiday skincare step to prepare your skin for the sun by stimulating its natural melanin production before your holiday. This means you’ll be less likely to burn when you go on holiday (although you must still use SPF at all times) and will be more likely to take an even tan. Ask about the summer product when you’re next in the spa.


The Elemis Daily Defence Shield SPF 30 is our favourite SPF product this summer. Not only does it protect your skin from the sun’s harmful rays, it acts as a hydrating day cream and light base for makeup. Unlike a lot of SPF products on the market, the Daily Defence Shield is lightweight and non-greasy, making it perfect for those hot summer days. Ask your therapist about it when you’re next in the spa.

Finishing touches

Why not treat yourself to one of our finishing touches treatments to round off your summer skin prep? Our Best Foot Forward treatment softens and smoothes feet to ensure you feel 100% confident rocking those strappy summer sandals. You can even upgrade the treatment to include a file and polish if you want to get your feet looking extra glam. Find out more about treatments we have available here.