Tips from our Wedding Planners

When do I start planning and what do I plan first? That’s two of the most common questions our Wedding Planners get asked. Our teams in Edinburgh, London, Dundee and Bath have lots of experience in helping couples plan weddings, and together they have a wealth of knowledge and ideas. They all believe no two weddings should ever be the same. With that in mind, they’ve got the answers to all the questions on your lips. Here’s some top tips from the team in Edinburgh.

How early should we start planning?

We are seeing a trend in couples booking weddings less than twelve months in advance. We recommend thinking about your ideas before setting a date. Plans take time to come together so take that into account. Once you’ve got a date, work backwards and use our timeline to help you see when to start planning. Remember to think about your budget and how long you’ll need to save for larger costs.

In what order should we start making plans?

We help couples keep on top of planning with a handy timeline. It’s a visual way to see if you’re on track and how far in advance different aspects of your day will need to be planned – you can also see how far you’ve come!

What part of the day should we splash out on?

Each couple prioritises different aspects of the day. We would recommend a great photographer and videographer. Once the day is over, these are a great way to relive the memories for years to come.


Image credit: Orange Lemur Photography Studio

Top five tips from our Wedding Planners:

  1. Get to know your wedding planner. Make the most of having an experienced professional on hand to help and give advice during your planning. We like to get to know couples’ personalities, hobbies and interests to find out what will make their day unique. Keep in regular contact. Remember, no question is a silly question, it’s our job to help so keep in touch.
  2. Create a joint email address. You can both access confirmations, contracts, invoices and any templates or information your coordinator or suppliers have sent.
  3. Create Pinterest boards. Brainstorm ideas without having to keep every magazine you’ve ever looked at. You can gather lots of ideas to create a theme for your day in a mood board style.
  4. Attend Wedding Fairs. Attend as many wedding fairs and open days as possible, this will give you a great day out and an opportunity to speak with suppliers to ensure you get exactly what you are looking for. Not to mention lots of complimentary cake and goodies.
  5. Keep calm & enjoy. The process can be quite overwhelming but keep in mind that the end result will be worth it. Delegate jobs to family and friends who want to help with gathering information.

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