Top 10 Christmas Stocking Fillers Ideas

Whether you’re well-organised this Christmas or grabbing last minute presents and finding yourself stuck in massive queues at the supermarket, stocking fillers are a vital part of the gifting experience.

You might have bagged the best possible present, but there’s always room for a smaller gift that just makes it a perfect Christmas and ensures that the special person in your life knows exactly how you feel about them.

Then there’s the Secret Santa gift for a colleague where less is most definitely more.

Stocking fillers cover so many bases – and they can be anything you want them to be, from fun and frivolous, to deep and meaningful.

So what should be topping your list of stocking fillers ideas?

Here is our top 10 for Christmas 2018:

Lovely Books

Classic novels never go out of fashion and, thanks to a range of eye-catching new Folio Society designs, your literary-loving friend will thank you for getting them one of these lovely books

Scented Candles

No Christmas is complete without a scented candle or six, and this gift set of three from Yankee Candle is a standout

Trump Cards, fake news

For the more politically-minded gift giver, Trump Cards allow you to compete with friends by discerning the ‘fake news’ from the genuine Donald Trump quote. It’s a great fun Christmas game

Retro vinyl coasters

Retro vinyl coasters are a fun and quirky way to decorate your home while stopping coffee stains

Dandelion Mini Stocking Stuffer

This colourful Dandelion Mini Stocking Stuffer promises to take you “from dull to darling in a single sweep” so it’s ideal to have in your handbag over the festive season

Lava lamp

Beatles fans – and who isn’t? – will adore this ‘Sgt Pepper’-inspired, 60s-style lava lamp that brings a dash of retro fun to any room


Christmas is undoubtedly the perfect time to sit down in front of a great movie. Movie lovers will adore this range of redesigned classic movies in limited edition steelbook format

Fire 7 tablet 

Handheld devices don’t have to be expensive. This Fire 7 tablet with Alexa built in is cheap and cheerful while giving you loads of functionality

Wireless karaoke kit

There are a wide range of karaoke kits out there, but this wireless one from Tonor is a winner for blasting out a bit of ‘Last Christmas’ or ‘Jingle Bells’ and clearing the room

Apex Gift vouchers

Apex gift vouchers may well be the perfect stocking filler choice. We offer an array of voucher options starting at just £10. They’re usable across our outstandingly contemporary locations in London, Bath, Edinburgh, Glasgow, and Dundee

Christmas Gift Voucher ExperienceLooking for the best in stocking fillers ideas? We have it all wrapped up this Christmas.