A warming moment for Yu and for Two

No more winter blues, just blissful treatments at Yu Spa, Dundee. Our holistically inspired Spa menu crafts treatments that nurture the mind, body and soul throughout the seasons. With strain on our immune systems during the colder months, it is essential that you allow yourself time to recharge and restore your inner balance. If you know someone who needs to do just that, why not bring them along and zen out together in our tranquil double room.

Here are our warming treatments of the moment, they’re perfect for you and even better for two…

Discover Yu

Designed to help you escape life’s daily pressures, calm your mind and restore your body’s natural energy levels, this mini package is perfect for those who feel they really have no time for themselves. Choose either our Taster Facial or a deep tissue back neck & shoulders massage and feel for yourself how a little moment of self-care can make a world of difference. Complete with a nourishing Japanese style Bento Box, it’s a package that won’t break your  healthy routine and can easy slot into a busy day.

New Yu Detox

If you’re feeling sluggish this winter, choose this intensive detoxifying treatment that cleanses the body from the inside out. Start with full body exfoliation to rid the skin of dead cells and increase circulation, which helps draw out toxins and impurities. Next, our Express Facial awakens the senses and hydrates the skin before an invigorating full body massage sends you to a state of deep relaxation as our expert therapists use warm nourishing oils to release tension from your entire body. Float away feeling refreshed, energised and quite literally, a new you.

Exotic Body Wraps

Feel an inner warmth and achieve an outer glow whilst you are cocooned in one of our warm and intensely moisturising Exotic Body Wraps. We often neglect our skin in winter because it’s covered up, but vibrant summer skin is made in winter and it’s an essential time up your skincare regime if you want to boast a youthful, vibrant tone in the warmer months to come. Our Senior Therapist, Esa talks you through our aromatic and rejuvenating wraps in the video above. Will you choose our Lime & Ginger Salt Glow or our Exotic Frangipani Wrap? We’ll take one of each please…

Issho (Together)

Enjoy inner peace and warm your body and soul side by side a special person in your life with this blissful treatment for two. You’ll melt into a state of deep relaxation as we use the power of heat to ease stress from the body with our Aromastone massage and our heated foot treatment. Our soothing Taster Facial deeply replenishes and hydrates the skin leaving you with a radiant, youthful glow.

Futatsu (Two)

Are you currently in winter hibernation? Lack of fresh air and being inside heated rooms more leads to dull, flaky skin and often congestion occurs in those hard to reach places. This treatment includes an intensive, deep cleansing back treatment and massage to restore healthy, glowing skin. Re-connect with your partner, bestie or relative and hideaway together in our soothing double room with this blissfully indulgent treatment.

So what are you waiting for? Winter just got a little bit brighter and we can’t wait to bring back both your inner and outer glow. Browse our range of treatments here and allow yourself to indulge in a winter hideaway that is just right for you.