What is wellness travel and how can I get involved?

According to Lonely Planet, wellness travel has seen a surge in recent years. The wellness travel industry is now reportedly worth over $639 billion and is showing no signs of stopping, with brands like goop continuing to storm our news feeds.

Wellness travel can be any kind of trip where you make a conscious effort to take care of your well being; whether that’s physically, mentally or emotionally. When people book a wellness trip, it usually involves activities like yoga, hiking, meditation and sometimes a detox.

Whilst looking at pictures of far away yoga retreats and colourful poke bowls can be fun, we can’t help but notice the eye watering price tags that are normally attached to these kind of wellness retreats. We don’t know about you, but spending a month’s salary on a supposedly relaxing weekend doesn’t seem very relaxing to us!

That’s why we’ve put together a list of ways you can get involved in wellness travel without having to break the bank. Treat yourself to a mini retreat at Yu Spa and indulge in some all important rejuvenation.

Sign up to a wellness newsletter

Want to get wellness tips, healthy recipes and informative articles in your inbox every month? Sign up to a dedicated newsletter. They’re the perfect way to start your day and are our favourite way to get our daily dose of wellness. We guarantee they’ll make you feel more rejuvenated, and after reading just one of them, you’ll be full of new ideas for how you can live a healthier life. Our favourite newsletters at the moment come from The Good Trade, goop and MindBodyGreen. Did you know we also have a Yu Spa newsletter? We send out wellness tips, beauty hacks and spa updates every month, and you can sign up by giving us your email address next time you’re in the spa.

Book a vegan spa treatment

One thing that resonates throughout a lot of wellness retreats is the commitment to leading a healthy lifestyle. A lot of retreats are fully vegan, which not only means that the food you eat is plant-based, but the treatments you get are too. Did you know that some of the Elemis products we stock in the spa are cruelty free? We also offer a range of vegan treatments that will leave you feeling rejuvenated, refreshed and glowing. Find out more about our treatments and book your own wellness-approved treatment by calling us on 01382 309 309.

Get your yoga on

Wellness retreats and yoga go hand in hand, and lucky for us, yoga classes are readily available online so we can ‘fake’ a wellness retreat whenever we like. Our resident yoga expert, Sarah has a quick and easy morning meditation that will leave you feeling as relaxed as you would if you were on one of those expensive wellness retreats. Incorporate a short, mindful practice into your morning routine every day and see how it impacts your mood, or if you want the full wellness retreat experience, sign up to a yoga class in your area and unleash your inner zen.

DIY detox

Wellness travel is all about making sure you feel your best, and that includes nourishing your body from the inside out. If you’re looking to get the same wellness detox experience for a fraction of the cost, why not dedicate a week to eating clean and see how you feel afterwards? There are loads of great recipe sites out there, including Love & Lemons, Lexi’s Clean Kitchen and Healthyish from the team at Bon Appetit, so you can choose recipes that suit your taste. We guarantee you’ll feel better for it, and you might even discover your new favourite dish in the process.

Swim & sauna

What better way to sink into a wellness routine than by taking a soothing dip in a heated pool and unwinding in a relaxing sauna? You don’t need to travel far or spend a small fortune to do this in luxury surroundings either. Yu Spa is home to a heated indoor swimming pool as well as a sauna, steam room and sunken spa pool. Treat yourself to a day pass from just £20 and enjoy soaking up the luxury that wouldn’t be out of place in an expensive wellness retreat. Find out more here.

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