4 reasons why Whoville needs to be your 2019 Christmas party destination

You can never start too early when it comes to planning your work Christmas night out, especially when Whoville is coming to town!

For one month only, our City Quay Suite at our Dundee hotel will be transformed into a Grinch themed wonderland. In other words… we’re stealing Christmas, and you’re all invited. Read on to find out why destination Whoville is the only choice you need to make this year.

1. Everyone loves a theme

Even those who claim they don’t enjoy themed nights always get into the spirit! A theme sets the scene and really gets people into a party mood. It takes your run of the mill night out to another level. Our City Quay Suite will be dressed to impress – we bet even the office Grinch will be keen to get involved in the frivolities.

2. Everything in one place

There’s nothing worse than traipsing from bar to bar, only to be told you’ve in too big a group to get in, or there aren’t enough seats inside. We’ve got everything you need in Whoville, with after dinner entertainment and who-beats from the amazing team at Wave 102. Once you’re here, your night is set!

3. Who-turkey and more

We believe every detail of your Christmas night out should be amazing, and that’s why our team of talented Chefs have put together a who-menu you wouldn’t believe. Themed welcome drinks, and plenty who-turkey and who-treats to go around.

4. Making new friends

As in the spirit of Whoville, our shared party nights are for everyone. You’ll have the chance to chat and dance with your colleagues, and make plenty of new friends too!

Find out more about how to get involved in booking your 2019 Whoville night out. Then, all that’s left is to dig out the secret Santa sack and think up some Grinch themed pressies…