Why shopping is good for you

It’s been known for quite some time that shopping is good for you. Whether it’s a cheer-me-up jumper, a ‘musthave’ pair of shoes, or even choosing the perfect present for a loved one, shopping makes us feel good. In case you’re not already convinced, here are our top five reasons to hit the shops.  


We all know the familiar feeling of pounding the streets in search of the perfect piece of clothing. Or what about running between shops as the stores are closing? Research by Debenhams revealed that the average British woman walks more than 150 miles in search for a good bargain. That’s no mean feat, and tells us that shopping is a form of exercise in itself. Pop a pedometer in your pocket and you won’t be disappointed.


It’s nicknamed ‘retail therapy’ for a reason. Over the years, studies published in Women’s Health Magazine have shown that the very act of shopping, for those who enjoy it to begin, releases a flood of endorphins to the brain. This causes a chemical reaction resulting in the feeling of joy or happiness. Securing a fantastic bargain is a positive experience, and can result in positive thinking and an improved attitude.


Whilst shopping online can be quick and filled with offers, hitting the shops in person gives you the perfect excuse to spend the day with friends. Make a day of it. Browse a few shops in the morning, stop for a long, lazy lunch, and then bag a few more bargains in the afternoon. Finishing the day by celebrating your buys with a well-earned glass of wine. And who needs a personal stylist when you’ve got your best friend on hand.

Less stress

When you hit the shops with friends, or even on a solo mission, you spend the day talking to people. Taking part in the same activity with those around about you can give you the feeling of belonging, which in turn can affect our mood and actually go as far as relieving stress. Often when we are stressed and busy, we don’t think we have time for things we enjoy, but it is these activities that can help to reduce our stress and make us feel happier and calmer.

New Year, New You

We’re all guilty of not making enough time for ourselves, and a shopping trip is the perfect excuse for a little ‘me-time’. Why not take a look at your wardrobe and decide what items of clothing really make you feel good? Shop for clothes you know you’re going to love each and every time you wear them. After all, when you look good, you feel good.

Need we say much more? A little shopping clearly doesn’t hurt. You’ll come out the other side happier, less stressed and full of positivity for whatever challenges ahead. In other words, look after yourself and shop as you mean to go on.

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